Revolution Hall

Revolution Hall

THANK YOU to the following for your support with this incredible journey.

Contributing Musicians and Collaborators: Kathy Foster, Tim Kasher, Emily Wells, Matt Halverson, Michael Faul, Kevin Mockford, Aryeh Goodblatt, Barack Goodman, Jeremy Wilson, London Van Rooy, Small Leaks Sink Ships, Benjamin Tyler, Small Skies, Dan Pelley, Ariel Cook, Judd Hancock, Kendall Core, Theresa Dunham, Kyle Morton and Anna Hoone.

Supporters: Traci Rose, Natasha Rogall, Kathleen and Gabriel Carlton, Amber Birlew, Stephanie Lonsdale, Ann Shapiro, Emily Nieuwsma, Catherine Loos, Jenny Locarno, Erica Patterson, Kelly Sullivan, Megan Chaloupka, Jody Folkendahl, Rey Vela, Kristine Frank, Talla Hamalainen, Tina Burton, Mandy Doherty, Bevin Clapper, Karyn Renehan, Aaron Albers, Joshua Buck, James Crowe, Adam Vandenberg, Dan Cushing, Sandon Patterson, Lisa Dolloff Bernardo, Marie Petrasy, Jennifer Grant, Beth Weinstein, Molly Heriza, John Clark, Julia Kuhns, Todd Ostendorp and Sandra Anderson.

Special Thanks: Emily Wells, M Ward, The Thermals, The Helio Sequence, Sub Rosa Curation, Regional Arts and Culture Council,, Kauri Marie Productions, Ray Mullin at Revolution Hall and Small Leaks Sink Ships for their performances and work on our very first project in 2016.

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.”
— Elton John, Musician


Photo by Nicole McMullin